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ESAHA's 2024
Special Events

 $2000 in prize money available in this year's featured JACKPOT CLASSES!


Screen Shot 2023-05-04 at 8.52.02 AM.png

It's Derby Time!

Wear your prettiest, funniest, classiest Derby hat this weekend for a chance to win prizes! Adult divisions are CLASSIEST and MOST BLING.  Youth Division are FUNNIEST and MOST COLORFUL. Judging will take place after the evening session.


Mint Julep Classes

This year, there will be two Mint Julep classes, one for junior riders and one for senior riders. In the Mint Julep class, riders will carry a glass of "mint julep" (a Derby favorite) and the class will be judged at a walk, trot/jog and canter/lope.  Entry fee is $10 and the winner will be the rider with the most mint julep left in their glass

at the end of the class. The winner will keep $$$$$  all of the entry money!    $$$$$

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