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Bob Jenkins Sponsorship Program

The Bob Jenkins program was founded in 2019 by Cindy High-Fischmann as a tribute to her childhood mentor, Bob Jenkins, who supported her in getting started with Arabian horses. This is Cindy's way to pass on the legacy of supporting new youth and amateurs with showing our beautiful horses.

For 2024, 8 sponsorships are available for $250 towards show expenses for junior (does not include lead-line riders) and amateurs in their 1st or 2nd year showing at the Empire State Arabian Spring Show. Recipients must be active Empire members. In 2023, eligibility was been expanded to returning juniors and amateur that have not shown Empire since 2016. It's our way of saying "Welcome Back!".

For 2024, junior and amateur riders are eligible if they haven't shown Empire since 2017.

2023 Award Recipients:
Janeen Pizzo (adult amateur)
​Kendall Hanas (youth exhibitor)
Tiffany Miller (adult amateur):
Madelyn Easler (youth exhibitor):

Thank you for the ongoing commitment and generous donation by Cindy High-Fischmann!

*Please note application closes April 12th, 2024

Bob Jenkins Sponsorship Application

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