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Bob Jenkins Scholarship Program

The Bob Jenkins program was founded in 2019 by Cindy High-Fischmann as a tribute to her childhood mentor, Bob Jenkins, who supported her in getting started with Arabian horses. This is Cindy's way to pass on the legacy of supporting new youth and amateurs with showing our beautiful horses.

2023 Award Recipients:

Janeen Pizzo (adult amateur):


​Kendall Hanas (youth exhibitor):


Tiffany Miller (adult amateur):

Madelyn Easler (youth exhibitor):

For 2023, 8 scholarships were available for $250 towards show expenses for junior (does not include lead-line riders) and amateurs in their 1st or 2nd year showing at the Empire State Arabian Spring Show. Recipients must be active Empire members.

New for 2023, eligibility has been expanded to returning juniors and amateur that have not shown Empire since 2015. It's our way of saying "Welcome Back!".

Thank you for the ongoing commitment and generous donation by Cindy High-Fischmann!


2022 Sponsorship Winners:

Lilly Simmons, Lily is a student entering the AHA world for the first time after falling in love with the Arabian breed through a senior lesson mare we use in my program. (Trainer). The mare formerly competed in the national divisions and Lily has made it her personal goal to bring Sarah back into the shape and shows that she used to be. There is rarely a kid that can outwork her. She's honest, kind and soft spoken. Often helping mentor younger students in the programs and always up for helping in any way she can in the barn. Her mother is a teacher and her father is a marine. Finances are often a limiting factor for her and I am applying to try to help her some with show fees for the upcoming shows she wishes to participate in but might otherwise have to forego. As a breed ambassador she has already started to teach people about the breeds unique characteristics and helps to welcome new riders to feel comfortable learning on a non-traditional hunter barn lesson horse. 

Carly Vercillo: Carly is brand new to showing Arabians this year. She has done a few small shows several years ago with a hunter jumper barn but wasn't riding for a few years. Upon returning she has decided to pursue national qualifying on an arabian this year. She is a great new addition to the breed as an ambassador because even at 11 she has consistently taught other students during camp the unique items that make the Arabian breed special and versatile. In the few short months she's been back riding she has shown a great deal of improvement and continues to put in hard work to make her riding more successful. 


Ava Morrissey, age 7

My name is Ava and I just turned 7 years old. I have been riding horses since I was a baby. I love riding. My favorite horse is my moms horse Chase. I like showing him. I showed him walk trot at fair last year and this year I want to go to Oklahoma. I ride mostly everyday and work on my diagonals and sitting up straight. My favorite thing about Chase is that he loves me and I love him. Our first show this year is Empire and I cant wait to go!

My name is Kendall Hanas and I am 10 years old and am in 5th grade. I have been taking lessons for approximately five years (hunter/jumper and dressage) and have been training with Shelley White at Baraka Arabians for the last two years. Once I was introduced to dressage and the Arabian breed, I was hooked. I enjoy everything about the horse show experience, including the preparation. My show experience includes my first lead line class at Harmony Riders Assoc. (2015), two Hunter/Jumper shows at Galemont Farm (2019), and two schooling shows in Dressage (Intro level test A&B) through Central New York Dressage and Combined Training Assoc. (CNYDCTA) in 2021. I am very excited to be participating in multiple classes at the Empire Arabian Spring Horse Show this May and appreciate your consideration for the Bob Jenkins sponsorship program. I am looking forward to continuing to grow as a rider and competing in additional breed and local shows in the months and years to come.

Madison Caza: I have been showing hunter jumpers since I was twelve, I loved horse shows since then, but over time I started to loose confidence in my riding. When I started working with Arabians I have had nothing but rewarding experiences with them as well as gaining my confidence tremendously. Since I'm ready to get back to showing I wanted to see the Arabian side and get more experience with them and their shows.

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