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Why I love the Arabian Horse

By Youth Rider, Victoria Gleason

     Hello! I’m Victoria Gleason. I am a youth rider, and I am here to tell you why I love the Arabian Horse! The first horse I ever truly showed with and rode for a good 2, almost 3 years of my life was a very smart Arabian named Cowboy. Cowboy was, and still is an extremely smart horse! Just like any other Arabian, which brings me to the first thing that I love about the Arabian Horse!

Their Intelligence

     The Arabian Horse is by far one of the smartest breeds of

horse I have come across. You must have heard the fact that

horses are a great companion. However, the Arabian is the

most sophisticated and intelligent breed, with finely

developed mental functions. It just fascinates me of how

capable this breed is! Which, again, brings me to the next reason why I love this breed!

Their Capabilities

     The Arabian horse's fascinating appearance and even

temperament have made it a popular breed. When it comes

to endurance, stamina, and versatility, there is no match for

an Arabian. Compared to other common horse breeds like

the Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse, Arabians are smaller,

making them less threatening to people afraid of falling. And in my opinion, Arabians are outstanding riding horses.

What they have Taught Me

The incredible Arabians I have had the privilege of being

around have taught me incredible lessons. Our gelding,

Azhaar, has taught me forgiveness. He came from an abused

background, and has taught me that a horse will trust us as

much as we trust them, and that trust is earned. The

absolute sweetheart, Cowboy, has gone through cancer twice and major surgery. His will to live and overcome such

obstacles has taught me to never give up, even when it seems impossible. They have taught me so many things that I don’ think I could have learned with any other sport. They have taught me to work hard, have faith, and have fun. And most importantly, the horse families we surround ourselves with are always there to encourage me, coach me, partner with me and cheer me on. They have taught me to do the same for all of them and for other people as well.

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