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What's a Native Costume All About?

The attire for this class is based on the traditional garments of the Bedouins from the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East.

The horses in this class should be capable of conveying the Bedouin charging over the desert sands effect.

Kuffieyah – square-shaped cloth folded diagonally and placed over the head with the fold to the front like a scarf

Ighal – placed over the head like a crown to hold the kuffieyah in place

Aba – cloak or robe, traditionally a simple design

Trousers – can be tapered or pantaloons type with various decorations

Slip Cover – saddle cover with slot for the stirrups

Croup Cover – lays over the horses hindquarter

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 11.12.41 AM.png

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