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Empire Academy Classes:



These are NON-RECOGNIZED, NON-SANCTIONED classes. Open to All Breeds. Entries are to follow horse show rules but are not AHA or USEF sanctioned classes. Show grooming is permitted, but not necessary as HORSES ARE NOT TO BE JUDGED.


2022 Empire Academy Class listings:

NOT RATED, Open to All Breeds

Entry Fee: $15, Ribbons to 6th place

Please read guidelines in Prize List for suitability, tack, and rider attire. Academy Riders may not cross enter into other rated classes.

Newly added:

Academy Class - Hunter over Fences Cross Rails (classes held indoors on Thursday of the show)

Academy Class - Hunter over Fences 2' (classes held indoors on Thursday of the show)

130 Academy‐ Walk Trot/Jog Leadline ALL AGES (classes 130-137 are held Saturday of the show)

131 Academy‐ Walk Trot/Jog Equitation 18 & Under

132 Academy Class‐ Walk Trot/Jog Equitation 19 & Over

133 Academy Class‐ Walk Trot Canter Equitation 18 & under

134 Academy Class‐ Walk Trot/Jog Canter Equitation 19 & Over

135 Academy Class‐ Walk Trot/Jog Pleasure 18 & under All Seats

136 Academy Class‐ Walk Trot/Jog Pleasure 19 & Over All Seats

137 Academy Class‐ Walk Trot/Jog Canter Pleasure All Seats


Academy Show Fees:

  • Stall fee - $75

  • Class fees - $15

  • Office fee - $30 (per horse)


Bob Jenkins Program

Empire has a sponsorship program for new amateur and junior exhibitors (excludes lead liners) to the Empire Arabian Spring Horse show called the Bob Jenkins program. This program provide reimbursement of $100 to approved academy exhibitors to offset the cost of the show. Eligible youth and amateur exhibitors must be active members of the Empire State Arabian Horse Association and be in their first year showing at the Empire Arabian Spring Horse Show. Click here to learn more about the Bob Jenkins program and complete an application form.



Riders are encouraged to be in a professionally operated lesson program and to be a member of AHA, with neither being required. Riding suits and chaps are not allowed. Riding pants, jodhpurs, breeches or colored jeans are considered appropriate. A neatly fitted shirt or top is suggested. A riding helmet is also mandatory for riders 10 and under and suggested for all ages. Appropriate footwear with a small heel is mandatory. Riders are NOT allowed to cross enter into any non-academy riding classes, and are ineligible to compete in ACT classes once they have shown in a full riding suit or in a Class A Arabian horse show.


Horses are encouraged to be lesson horses of any breed and should display the characteristics of such, but it is not mandatory that they are utilized by in a professional lesson—all horses are welcome, as long as they display good manners and a quiet disposition. A cut-back saddle for saddle seat, western saddle for stock seat, and hunt saddle for hunt seat are to be used. Work bridles and bits, including snaffles, are allowed, and
running martingales are permitted and encouraged. However, tie down martingales are not allowed. Any horse or rider that is deemed unsafe or is not abiding by these rules may be eliminated by the horse show management.


All ACTS classes are to be judged on the ability of the rider to control and show their horse to its best advantage, and upon the riding skills of the rider. Each class should be judged on the rider’s basic equitation and horsemanship skills suited to the class discipline, with emphasis placed on the rider’s ability to control the horse at all times, identify correct diagonals and leads promptly, and to control their horses rate in a consistent manner. Riders should convey the impression of good posture, balance, and effective control while commanding proper speed of gaits and show ring placement. Headers are allowed in the line up in all walk-trot classes. HORSES ARE NOT TO BE JUDGED, only the rider’s ability to control themselves and their horses and present themselves to their best advantage.

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