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Michelle Winters



Michelle Winters

"My name is Michelle Winters and I live in Hannibal, NY. I have had horses since I was 4 years old. Starting out with 2 Shetland ponies as family pets. I did mostly trail riding and occasional fun shows. At 10 years old I acquired my first full sized horse. She was a 2 year old Standardbred filly straight out of the cow pasture. After training her myself ( as best a 10 year old could do LOL). I rode her for long hours out on trails, mostly by myself, for many years. Eventually, I sold her and her 2 year old Half Arabian filly so I could raise my two children.

After a 13 year hiatus I was gifted a Pure Polish Epizod daughter. We entered the world of working cows and taking dressage lessons, generally both in the same weekend. Though she is no longer with us it was her work ethic and versatility that got me hooked onto this beautiful breed.

Many years later and in recent history my wonderful boyfriend and I have bought a piece of property where we are building a horse facility. We own 13 horses, 9 of which are Arabians and I have begun breeding Arabian Sport horses. It has been a joy to introduce people to these wonderful horses by using my foals as lures.

I look forward to seeing more of my fellow enthusiasts in the sport horse and dressage arena on the Arabian show show circuit. I also hope to see some of you out there competing with me on the Open show circuit to help promote our wonderful breed.

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