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Don Schwartz



Don Schwartz were always my favorite activities. How things changed when on our third wedding anniversary, I gave Marcia, my wife, a purebred Arabian gelding named Graneyn. Marcia loved him and spent all her time riding, grooming and just enjoying him. If ever I was to see her at all, I had to learn to like horses. It didn’t take long before the love of the Arabian horse was a major part of my life.

After leaving Bristol Laboratories where I was a QC supervisor for many years, Marcia and I purchased the farm where Graneyn was boarded. After owning Holiday Farm for thirty-five years, my love for the Arabian breed still shines brightly.

I have served in many different positions in ESAHA and Region 16. Upon joining Empire, I became a Region 16 delegate and for many years was a delegate at the AHA National Conventions. I was elected as ESAHA President where I served for over 10 years before being selected as Region 16 Vice Director for two years, Director for four years and then was elected to be Vice Director for another term under Lurline Combs. I always faithfully fulfilled my duties and thoroughly enjoyed my tenures.

My love and dedication to the Arabian breed is now and forever.

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